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- Innate Response

A Time to Heal is now offering Innate Response professional supplements as part of our practice to assist clients in achieving their health goals. Innate Response is a local company in Derry, NH and recognized as a leader in whole food supplementation. Health practitioners across the country recommend Innate Response to their patients because of their purity and commitment to whole foods.
Innate Response has recently introduced 3 products geared toward helping the musculoskeletal system including:
* Tension defense-a great tasting powder containing magnesium, malic acid and relaxing botanicals. It is used for tight, cramping or stiff muscles as well as fibromyalgia. Numerous research supports the use of magnesium for muscle related problems.
* Inflamma-complete-this natural anti-inflammatory contains much publicized tumeric along with ginger, holy basil and anti-inflammatory foods including black cherry and cranberry. This combination is used for all inflammatory disorders especially arthritis. 
* Proteolytic Enzymes-excellent for injuries and overuse, this formula contains bromelain along with other proteolytic enzymes which help reduce swelling and are used for sports injuries such as strains, sprains and tendonitis. Also used before and after surgery.
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