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“Alison Bentley is passionate about helping people heal and feel good. Alison’s commitment in developing herself and her gifts while mastering tools and practices to help others allows her work with people to come from a deep place that serves all. Bringing all she learns to others to make their lives simple and pain free inspires her and is a gift you give yourself when you work with her.”

Janet StraightArrow, Healer, Teacher, Sage, and developer of Be The Medicine

"Years of sports and sundry other injuries have left me with a number of aches and pains. Alison has been adept at helping me gain relief and learn how  to take better care of my body so as to minimize the discomfort. I can't recommend her enough."

JC, formerly Acton


"From the ambient grounding music, the super comfy heated blanket, to Alison's skillful techniques and constant awareness of my needs and comfort, making this massage a 'whole body-mind' experience.  As much as I have come to 'appreciate' the benefits of deep tissue massage over time, my previous experiences with this technique were rather excrutiatingly painful.  Alison's approach is gentle yet thorough enough to release stress points and tightness so as to stimulate the body's energy flow, inducing an immediate pressure relieved relaxation.  I slept like a baby."

KV, Groton 


"Wow! I have had close to 100 massages over the years because I had back surgery almost 18 years ago and a monthly massage can prevent a debilitating episode. I have never had an experience like I had with Alison Bentley. I felt like I was millions of miles away in a sweet dream. She has an amazing sense of how deep to go so that the service is therapeutic but enjoyable. Following the session for at least 7-10 days I felt like I was floating through my days and slept better than I ever had. Do yourself an amazing favor and go see her!  You will be so glad you did."

Lori Reyna, Owner Salon Reyna, Chelmsford


 The secret to a good massage is equal parts of skilled therapist, compassionate listener, teacher and cheerleader, combined with a clean, tranquil atmosphere.  In other words, Alison Bentley and her space at A Time to Heal.  I enthusiastically anticipate my next appointment!“   

Kathleen Veth, Self Discovery Enterprises.


  "If you are in the Chelmsford area looking for a wonderful and nurturing massage, definitely go see Alison. I have seen Alison for bodywork for almost four years in her Chelmsford office located in Drum Hill. Alison is very skillful, caring , compassionate and  has a very nurturing touch. She has a non judgmental, result-oriented approach and creates a safe, relaxing environment.  Her massage skills, professional attitude and enthusiasm to help others truly define her as an exceptional massage therapist.  Alison demonstrates versatility in her modalities in order to effectively meet my needs, whether it be deep tissue, focus, relaxation, or stretching. She truly cares about her clients, and I always feel very relaxed after every session with her." 

Eric M. Volkin, LMT, NCTMB



"Being new to massage therapy, I found that Alison Bentley's calm, professional manner put me right at ease.  My first session in Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), was amazing.  As an athlete, it helped to bolster my flexibility and recognize a new range of motion.

As a writer, journalist and tutor, my job is rewarding, yet very sedentary.  Alison targeted muscles that don't stretch themselves on a typical day.  The massage that she provided was therapeutic, and left me with stress-relieving benefits long after our session was over.  She is a gentle practitioner with trained hands that help restore balance to your body and mind."

Cindy Reynolds     B.A., M.Ed


"I haven't felt this relaxed in such a long time.  I am a wife, mother of a toddler, and I work part-time in Waltham (live in Chelmsford so the commute is a bear).  Alison touched muscles I hadn't known existed!  She applied gentle but strong pressure and I felt the stress leave my body with her methodical and rhythmic technique.  

Alison's location is ideal and convenient for me.  The space itself lacks the typical 'spa' feeling you may find at others, and while she only has the basics in her waiting room she makes up for that and more when she has her hands on you.  I highly recommend Alison and look forward to my next appointment!"

B. D., Recruiter



 "I was fortunate enough to get a massage from Alison Bentley when I was visiting Massachusetts in October 2012. She has an amazing, restorative technique! She may appear slight but her touch was confident and solid throughout the hour. Her manner is very peaceful and calming, making it easy to relax and let my mind wander. In short, I was impressed by the massage I received from Alison and I recommend her highly."

 LN, Austin, TX


"Ma-saaah-ge! Oh how I enjoyed Alison's healing touch! Her hands are strong yet gentle. They always detected the "Ah" spots on me and alternated in rhythm and strength to reinvigorate, to heal. She has a very good balance in working on the specific targeted areas and the long strokes in connecting the whole body. She worked with such focus and attention to details. I loved her massage!"

Sarah (Zhuo Rui) Peng


"Alison's massages are perfection. Everything from the space, to the heated blanket, to the oils, to her masterful technique, coalesces in an exquisite experience. She uses just the right amount of pressure to induce relaxation, while working muscles and tissue to release tightness and stimulate energy flow. From beginning to end it is enjoyable, yet I feel like a lot of work was done to improve the state of my body, both physically and mentally. When she adds Reiki to it, it is out of this world!"

L. T., Westford


"I first met Alison at a meditation class and I was immediately struck by her clear and vibrant energy. I was excited to hear she was a massage therapist because I knew that energy would come through in her treatments as well. She has very skilled hands and is knowledgeable in a variety of modalities. So, whatever facet of her vast toolbox you are privileged to experience, the cells of your body will be celebrating!"

Eileen Ladwig, RYT, CST, CTFHK


"I have had many massages over the years, and Alison is tops!! Her massage technique was confident, yet gentle, and she was adept at responding to my needs. I was thrilled to discover Activated Isolated Stretching. The movements were easy, but at the conclusion I felt amazingly strong, open, and alert, pulsing with life-energy! To top it off, Alison is friendly and professional, and her office is inviting and clean. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Lori Locascio, Attorney


 "I frequently travel to the Chelmsford area to visit family and have visited various massage therapists over the years.  Alison was recommended to me by a family member who received a massage from her recently and thought that I would like her.  I am glad I took the chance!!!  Alison was patient and thorough by obtaining a complete health history and asking about my current personal and work stress.  Alison asked what I was hoping to achieve during my massage.  Throughout the session, Alison asked if the pressure was ok.  As I enjoy a deep tissue massage, but find that massage therapists can go too deep at times, I appreciated her constant awareness. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone who is looking for a massage therapist who is able to cater to the individual needs of the client.  I only wish I could move her here so I could visit more often!!"

 RV, Jefferson City, MO


"I felt like I had melted onto the table!! Very skilled hands working on a body sorely in need….the perfect combo. Alison's techinque of Active Isolated Stretching stretched muscles that have NEVER been stretched! I hadn't felt that limber and flexible since TuTu class as a 7 year old."

Gumby (eh… Luann Colombo, MEd)



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